Psychic Protection.

kWhy do we need protection?

What is Psychic attack?

Can it really harm us?


We can inadvertently “put out” thought forms for good or ill. And this is why we need to both protect ourselves and others that we love from attack.


Symptoms can manifest as;- headaches—depression—feelings of being unworthy, unable to cope.

Also real illness. Example M.E. and many stomach problems, also more specific if the person sending the attack knows what they are doing!

 The power of thought and just how powerful it can be!



When we think either negative or positive thought they can and do become manifest! So when we are very sure that nothing can harm us, we then deny others the power over us to do us ill. This is using the same energy as we use for distant healing. REMEMBER! All energy and “power” can be used for either good or bad, it is like Witchcraft, you will hear the terms White Witch and Black Witch, there is actually no such thing! There are only Witches! Ergo, we must constantly reinforce the thought that another cannot harm us psychically, and then we will be protected.



Aura rainbow SIMPLE PROTECTION . Strengthening the Aura.

Cleansing with aroma, (any light scent will do that you like)  first inhale the scent in cupped hands, then sweep over the body and down to the ground.

It is possible to obtain special preparations for this, but any light scented perfume will do, and even better if you particularly like it! Cleansing the Chakra's also helps to protect. Imagine that you are surrounded by a bubble of light, and that nothing can penetrate it unless you wish it to!

Extend this to family and especially CAR.

In difficult situations, crystallize the outside of the bubble for extra protection!

Use crystals for protection (double terminators & quartz) any good New Age or crystal shop will assist you in choosing crystals for this purpose, but if in doubt stick to clear quartz (especially points) Rose Quartz (rough not polished) Hematite and Snowflake Obsidian

Protective mirrors in bad attacks.

If you know what direction the harm is coming from, place a small mirror in your window facing that direction saying:-

"Mirror bright-mirror clear protect from harm all who bide here"



 Creating a thought form guardian in VERY bad attacks, (not to be taken lightly!) the best book I have personally read on this subject is:-

The Art of Psychic Protection by  Judy Hall. published by the Findhorn Press.

 When you have successfully averted a Psychic Attack send healing to the attacker to prevent future attacks,

 How to quick fix,

cross fingers, mentally push the negative feelings or person away, put up your crystal bubble and  relax, say “Blessed be” three times.


Blessings! Crystal x