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Some of us can trace our spiritual life back to the dawn of mankind, and have had regular incarnations ever since that time.  Although some seem to have only a few incarnations, spread out through many generations, and it has been suggested by ‘those in the know’, that perhaps this is not the only planet that we inhabit as spirits, but that whilst we're on this planet our planet Earth, we can only recall incarnations that were here.


Crystal, our Past Life Visionary , is able through 'trance' to connect to many of our past-lives and relate them to us, and she will often locate and connect to more than one of our past-lives. To do this Crystal uses 'Trance' and voice activated software on her computer, this way she is connecting directly to your Pastlife and relating it 'as it happens' A unique experience of at least 1,500 words!


Crystal GreenRecent feedback. "The way that you do readings is awesome, it's the best and smartest way to do it in my opinion. The outcome, the quality of your work is outstanding. It's not just the reading, it's your methodology that impresses me. I've never heard of anyone else who did it the way you do, and the way you do it makes so much more sense. I'm honored to have had my reading done by you, thank you, for it is the first truly helpful past life reading I've had. You take it beyond being merely interesting and I respect that. Keep doing what your doing. You offer a great service for individuals who want the real deal".


Often through a past life 'vision', situations become evident that have a bearing in this present lifetime. This can often explain problems that are being experienced in this life and can be useful and comforting. it is often possible to see if we have had a connection or relationship in that past life that has also come through with us to our present life.


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  All email readings can be sent out as written documents. Please ask when you book! to contact Crystal email:

£35 Past-life Reading + three questions from Crystal
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Recent feedback."Thank you so much for my reading Crystal.  I was very enlightened by what you told me.  I am amazed by the past lives that I have had, it is unimaginable but a lot of what you said, comes through in this life. Interesting about the African reading - I am also South African!  and yes although I am not a great love of water - I do find that I am overcome with a need to drink water and lots of it.  I am a hopeless runner now as I have bad knees, but when I was a child I enjoyed running at sports day - was not the best but tried my best. Thank you once again for a very accurate reading".

Legal Disclaimer. Readings are for entertainment purposes only and do not represent legal, financial, medical or other advice. By engaging in this reading your are agreeing to these terms and attesting that you are at least 18 years old.

Please note, an email reading from Silvermoon is designed to provide a possible and  gentle guide in your life, to suggest possible pathways and actions, and should be accepted as such. How you either use, or do not use the information that we give to you is entirely your own responsibility We all are responsible for our own lives and destiny to a greater degree.

If you are in any way unhappy with your reading, please contact us at once. refunds will be given at the company's discretion.

Please note the following: For reasons of legality, all psychic, clairvoyant, & medium readings & spellwork are deemed as for 'entertainment purposes only'. All of our many readings are aimed at being helpful to our clients. Please treat them as such. How you act upon the advice given is entirely your decision.  You need to be over 18 to use this service.

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