The Relevance of Angels

in Today’s Economic Climate

A short article by Skye 

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Every single person in this world has a guardian angel with them at all times. This rule is without exception. Some people choose to call on them only in a time of need whereas others like to talk to their angels on a regular basis. Regardless of whether we need them or not, they are constantly by our sides. They offer support, guidance and protection in everyday situations. It seems that in these hard times that we are experiencing at the moment, more and more people are feeling the benefits of having their angels with them for support and encouragement. It is crucial that we are not too busy or too stressed to hear what our angels are trying to tell us. Their messages are important and inspire many of us to live with a positive and happy outlook on life.


As we hear news of failing businesses and families struggling to survive financially, it is more important than ever that we remain in contact with those sent to help us.


In this difficult time of recession our lives are filled with stress and anxiety. It is not only material and financial matters that are suffering. There are effects on our family life and relationships too. The strain can take its toll on every member of a family, especially children and even our pets! If we spend more time talking to our Angels about our worries and anxiety, we can start to appreciate why we are on this wonderful earth. Our lives are precious and we should try to grasp hold of every opportunity and relish every day as if it were our last. It is easy for us to get swept away by financial worry when everything that really matters costs nothing at all.


When we feel the pressure and need comfort, we must take a little time to call upon our angels for assistance. The more that we invite them into our lives, the more they can help us. It is important that we ask for help as guardian angels cannot intervene without our request – the only exception to this would be if our lives were in danger before our time was ready to end. At anytime and in any place you can sit quietly and calmly. Ask your angels any question you have or simply ask them for some guidance. You will always be answered by your angels. You may hear a voice that gives you advice; you may see a sign that answers your question. Some people get a strong feeling of how they should proceed and others will perhaps hear a song with lyrics that relate to their situation. However your angels wish to give you their answer, you can be sure that they will guide you on the right path.


Angels want us to be successful. More than anything else, they want us to lead happy and healthy lives. Sometimes it may seem that we have been led in the wrong direction, but we must understand that it is for the greater good. Every action that we take has a consequence. There are times when earthly desires must be sacrificed in order to make room for the Divine plan. Though it may seem hard, our angels occasionally have to lead us in a direction that we may not want to follow. We must trust in the path that we have been walking. Our angels help us to heal when we feel hurt or emotionally drained. We can heal physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. This is particularly important in these hard economic times.


Some people choose not to listen to their angels. They block messages through having low self esteem or through not having any form of self belief. This does not mean that there are no angels available to this person. At any point they can simply ask for assistance – and it will be given. Whether we have always believed in our angels or not, there are wonderful, warming messages available to us at anytime. It is comforting to know that we are never alone in this life, and that we and our loved ones are protected.